Office Clean-Outs

I’ve done a lot of office clean – outs where I remove various types of furniture such as desks, credenzas, wood coffee tables, end tables, wood and metal filing cabinets, Sometimes they are in downtown Los Angeles, sometimes in the San Fernando Valley. I’ve cleaned out commercial offices from Santa Clarita to Torrance, and Moorepark to Covina and La Habra. Removing the furniture from commercial offices is one of my favorite jobs. It’s clean work and just basically moving of furniture. Often though the desks, and wood cabinets need to be broken down and that is where the work is. Some of the offices that are down town have long distances to transport the book cases, credenzas and desks. Often times the office I am removing the things from is up several floors and there is a long carry to the elevators, which are usually very busy, so there is a wait. Parking can also be very difficult in these cases and make things very problematic.


On some office clean – outs I de construct the metal and fabric cubicles which again takes time. They are flat so they load fast and pack well. I’ve removed the metal file cabinets from medical offices when they went paperless, cabinets that cost thousands of dollars, along with beautiful wood desks that were even more expensive. Some of the desks and computer module stations were so big that I had to disassemble them and take the pieces to the dump because they were too large for the Salvation Army or Goodwill to take. I try to donate as much as I can but they won’t take everything.

Commercial office clearing generally pays very well and is pretty straight-forward. Usually all I need is my drill to de-construct the desk units, partitions and wall units which are wood and metal book cases and cabinets. When I get it all down to the truck I use my mini sledge hammer to break it all to flats. It’s amazing how many desks you can get in a space when they are broken down. I often can’t donate desks, book cases and other pieces of good furniture to the Good will or Salvation Army because the client is in a hurry to have the office space cleared and it would just take too much time going back and forth with all the furniture. I remember removing all the furniture from an office in Santa Monica which was just down the street from the Goodwill on Wilshire Blvd. had couches, coffee tables, credenzas, book cases, chairs and tables. Each load only took about thirty minutes round trip. That was one of the best jobs I’ve had.

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