Service Areas

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From Canyon Country, to Palos Verdes and Thousand Oaks to The 57 Fwy, I cover L.A. County and more.

  • On roof tops, taking old swamp coolers,
  • under houses, pulling out furniture and boxes,
  • on hills, dragging up broken block walls, and
  • at the ocean cutting up and removing iron railing that has been washed away from homes.

I service all of LA County: Here is some info on specific service areas. Also read about one of my typical days hauling trash in Los Angeles county!

Call Me 9 AM – 10 PM For A FREE Quote: 818-405-2620

Today I got a call to pick up a couch and desk in Northridge. When I got there the customer had much more, there were rugs, a refrigerator, a carpet, stove and two reclining chairs. Often there is more than I am initially told on the phone.

They also said their parents’ house needed to be cleaned out. It was a hording situation and the home was full of all kinds of furniture, sofas, chairs, beds, dressers, boxes full of clothing, toys and kitchen ware.

The garage needed to be cleaned out as well, with old tools, a washer, dryer, metal and wood. I do a lot of house and apartment and condo clean outs, removing debris from two and even three generations.

They also wanted an estimate to remove a spa, demolition of a block wall, wood fence and awning. I do a lot of demolition, from kitchen and bath tear-out, tile removal and even garage tear down and removal.

There are different types of spas / Jacuzzis, some have the entire area behind the wooden skirt that wraps around it, sprayed full of insulation and is one cube, others are only the tube and much easier to cut into pieces. It can take from one hour to several hours to cut a Jacuzzi / spa into manageable pieces that can be carried by one person.

I had one Jacuzzi / spa that was actually built into a mountain in West Hills. It took seven hours to remove. I have removed decks in Chatsworth and all over the San Fernando Valley, on hillsides which were difficult to deconstruct.

I tore down a small several room addition in North Hills that had a full bathroom, with a toilet, sink and shower enclosure to be removed. The roof had to be taken off first, then the plywood removed. Next the bathroom came out and then I cut the walls in pieces.

The floor was plywood sheets with some metal. There was also a lot of concrete block and other debris on the property to be removed. Old wheel barrels, steel containers and metal cans.  

I had a home in Alhambra which I tore down a two-car garage, and cleaned out the two-story home which was full of antique furniture, beds, clothes, dishes, tables and work benches which were in the basement.

I removed a dining table, coffee tables, end tables, dressers, vanities, several desks, book cases, a refrigerator and stove. There was also loose concrete, bricks and all kinds of rubbish on the property. The carpet had to be taken up as well as several large area rugs.

The sofa and love seat were very heavy and in very poor condition. Upstairs there were many boxes and crates full of books, clothing and other junk. I try to donate as much as I can to the thrift stores but in this case there wasn’t much worth giving away.

I actually stayed in the house during the week I was working there to save the drive time. The house had been broken into by homeless people and was full of all sorts of trash and rubbish. They had broken into locked crates, storage containers and chests.

I get a lot of storage clean outs all over Los Angeles, from North Hollywood to Van Nuys, where I remove old beds, furniture, such as sofas, dressers, cabinets and storage containers. Often the things have been in there for years and in good shape, which allows me to donate them.

People will call me to remove all kinds of electronics, computer equipment such as monitors, as well as household furnishings, like lamps, tables, small side tables, and plastic, metal and patio tables and chairs.  

I also get office clean outs on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana, and all over the west side. From Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, west Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City and  Westwood, where I remove desks, credenzas, book cases, computer work stations and chairs.

I took seven huge metal file cabinets from an office in Sherman Oaks, and went back another day to remove several conference tables, wood and metal desks, metal wall units, wooden book cases, office chairs and divider cubical panels. It was on the seventh floor and required using the elevator and a dolly.

The second job took over five hours because of the distance to the truck. Some of the desks I remove from offices have backs that rise in the form of cabinetry as well as wrap around to form a three-sided station. These desks need to be taken apart in order to be removed. Some of the larger wall units have to be dismantled in order to be taken away as well.  

I have deconstructed campers in Pasadena and Alhambra, trampolines in Sherman Oaks, Tarzana. Van Nuys and Pacific Palisades. Taken apart and removed decks, wood and metal sheds in West Hills, Chatsworth, Northridge and Mission Hills.

Demoed rooms and play houses made of wood and plastic in Burbank, North Hollywood and Glendale. Done kitchen and bath tear-outs in Hollywood, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and west Hollywood.

If someone wants a bathtub removed they generally want the tile on the walls taken out as well as the bathroom floor, along with the sink, toilet and cabinetry. When doing a kitchen remodel, people will ask me to remove the kitchen cabinets, stove and often the flooring, whether it be tile, linoleum, or wood.

The cabinets are generally wood, but I have torn out metal kitchen cabinets also. Generally, the cabinets are on two to three sides of the kitchen and come out fairly easily. Sometimes there is a built-in oven and a double sink. If the kitchen floor is ceramic tile it usually requires being chiseled off with a hammer and chiseled off wedge bar.

I’ve also taken apart of garage cabinets and wood and steel work benches for realtors when a client is selling a house. In those cases, I will remove all kinds of rubbish from the property, such as large flower pots, old benches and tables, wood and steel patio furniture, random wood and metal, and crates.

Since the realtors often need the property cleaned out immediately, they call me because they know I work on call, seven days and nights.

I also remove the bagged trash from all over Los Angeles, for weddings in the hills of Encino, Tarzana, Altadena and Hollywood. I’ve removed the bagged garbage from wrap parties when a film shoot is over in Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.

Taken the rubbish left after family parties in Granada Hills, South Pasadena and Calabashes. I remove the left over debris for all kinds of events. I had a wedding that cost over a million dollars in San Marino and the bagged trash took two loads in my truck.

Another wedding was in the hills of Malibu and I had to be there at twelve midnight, to take away the trash from the after party. Sometimes a film production will call after seven pm and ask if I can be there that evening to pick up their garbage.